Hello, Linux Kernel World!

Hi everyone! I’m Roberta, a 4th year Computer Science student at University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania and a big open-source and Linux enthusiast. These two passions made me focus on the Linux kernel internships offered by OPW and here I am today, a part of this great program!

The project that I’ll be working on in the next 3 months is IIO staging drivers cleanup and I will be mentored by Daniel Băluță and Octavian Purdilă. So, what’s the aim of this blog? Well, I hope it will be a kind of a diary, where I’ll post not only the evolution of my project, but also useful information and tips about Industrial I/O subsystem.

I’ve always wanted to contribute to an important open-source project in a way that matters and Linux kernel seems to be the right choice. I see this internship as an amazing opportunity and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to ROSEdu community for initiating, supporting and developing education based on Open Source values in Romania!


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