My work lately

Remember the post introducing my new toys, ISL29035 light sensor and DLN-2 adapter? After I got familiar with the hardware and the isl29018 driver, I started working a little on the code.

One of the obvious problems is this driver uses some non-standard sysfs attributes, such as range, range_available, adc_resolution, adc_resolution_available.

In order to fix this I did a set of patches which introduces IIO_CHAN_INFO_RANGE and then refactors isl29018 driver code in order to use standard attributes. Besides this, it also renames lux_scale to calibscale and lux_uscale to ucalibscale to avoid any confusion since these parameters are used for hardware applied calibration.

The purpose of these patches is to change the isl29018 driver to use
standard IIO attributes in order to be moved out of staging.

Besides this, I also worked on a patchset moving iio userspace applications (iio_event_monitor, generic_buffer, lsiio) out of staging. This kind of applications should stay in tools/ directory (for our case in tools/iio/). As part of this patchset, I also worked on iio_utils.h file which had a lot of inline functions, containing a lot of code and that isn’t nice at all. To fix this, I did a patch introducing iio_utils.c and moved all the implementation here.

I’m now waiting for Jonathan to review my patches and hopefully then I can continue with my plan of getting isl29018 driver out of staging.


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