Hardware is here!

As discussed with my mentors, an important part of my project implies changing the driver for Intersil ISL29018 digital ambient light and proximity sensor to use proper IIO ABI and adapt the code to follow the kernel coding style.

Since the driver also has support for ISL29023 and ISL29035 (with some small differences between them), we got the ISL29035 sensor. A few days ago I received all the hardware I need and now I’m ready to start working on it.

Since the device only has an I2C interface, I needed an adapter to easily connect it to my laptop. For that we got DLN-2, an USB-I2C/SPI/GPIO Interface Adapter from Diolan.

The next step was putting them all together and start getting familiar with the driver.

These been said, armed with lots of determination, documentation and a detailed datasheet (hopefully :D), I’m looking forward to getting this driver out of staging!